Editing content without code

We built Prose to give non-technical users a way to edit content on Github. Prose is specifically designed to work well with Jekyll.

Prose is a minimal, intuitive content authoring environment for CMS-free websites.


Making Github less complicated for new users

Content Management Systems (CMS) suck. More often than not, they obstruct workflows and limit creativity. They often fail their purpose, which is giving non-technical users an easy way to edit content. With Prose, we set out to solve this problem for organizations limited by their CMS.

Prose provides a beautifully simple content authoring environment for CMS-free websites. Use it to create, edit, and delete files, and save your changes directly to GitHub. It also handles things like merging and forking under the hood without complicating things for the user. Prose is built to be extremely simple and intuitive, and is an excellent way to introduce new users to Github.

Prose has advanced support for Jekyll sites and markdown content. Prose detects markdown posts in Jekyll sites and provides syntax highlighting, a formatting toolbar, and draft previews in the site’s full layout.

“Prose is a beautiful and simple-to-use interface.”

Developers can configure Jekyll sites to take advantage of these and many more features that customize the content editing experience.


Show this open source project some love

Prose needs your help. We encourage you to contribute and help us improve this application or adapt it to your needs.

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A Stable Roboust Application

Prose uses Backbone.js, an older but extremely stable front-end framework. It uses the Github API and is entirely a client-side app, meaning you don't need a separate server and database, outside of an Oauth service to authenticate with Github. This makes it a good candidate for self-deployments with the help of Gatekeeper.